What is the most important thing you can bring home after a travel? The memory of a beautiful experience.

We opened our Bookshop because we strongly believe in this idea. The store of Villa Valmarana ai Nani is a very special place, where you can buy selected products which magically turn into precious memories.

And the list of available memories is quite long: take a look!

Stationery products
Items representing the most beautiful frescoes painted inside Villa Valmarana ai Nani, such as:
• Postcards.
• Bookmarks.
• Magnets.
• Ballpoint pens.
• Notebooks.
• Prints.

A selection of interesting titles available in several languages, such as:
• Books about Villa Valmarana ai Nani.
• Guides to the city of Vicenza and its province.
• Guides to the Venetian Villas and the mansions designed by Andrea Palladio.
• The complete art catalogue of Villa Valmarana ai Nani, with high-resolution photos of all the frescoes.

Branded products
Special items representing the wonderful frescoes painted by the Tiepolos and the dwarfs placed on the walls surrounding Villa Valmarana ai Nani, such as:
• Ceramic mugs.
• Photographic prints.
• Pendants.
• Canvas shopping bags.
• Cork placemats.

Craftsmanship and gastronomy
A selection of fine items, food and wine produced by local artisans and small businesses, such as:
• Magnificent ceramics made in Bassano del Grappa (province of Vicenza).
• Gorgeous jewellery made in Vicenza.
• Liquors made by Carlotto, historical store and renowned producer based in Valdagno (province of Vicenza).
• Grappa made by Nardini, famous distillery based in Bassano del Grappa (province of Vicenza).
• The Capitals of Palladio, artistic chocolates made by Morisco, producer based in Cittadella (province of Padua).
• High-quality patisserie made by Loison, producer based in Costabissara (province of Vicenza).
• Wines produced by Villa Mattielli (Soave - Province of Verona). Available varieties: Valpolicella and Soave Classico.
• Wines produced by Piovene Porto Godi (Toara di Villaga - Province of Vicenza). Available varieties: Polveriera and Sauvignon.

Moreover, we collaborate with prestigious local professionals and firms.
In our Bookshop you will find special showcases dedicated to them and their creations:
Palladiobags (textile products representing the architectural works of Andrea Palladio).
Foto Studio Siro (photographic prints and branded items).
Marco Guoli Photo (postcards with pictures taken by this renowned photographer).

Because your experience at Villa Valmarana ai Nani continues beyond our walls, the Bookshop's items may also be purchased from our:

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