Visit the Villa with the Multimedia Kit

Technology meets culture

The Multimedia Kit is a digital package created to make your visit even more engaging.
Each kit consists of a Smart Guide and one access to the Immersive Room


The Multimedia Kit, at a cost of € 4 per person, can be purchased in the Villa at the time of the visit or by purchasing the ticket online at the following link

The Smart Guide


It is a 7” tablet, available in three languages (Italian, English and German) which will accompany you on your visit to the Tiepolo frescoes and the gardens of the Villa, with over 50 minutes of multimedia contributions (videos and images)


With the Smart Guide you will have the chance to experience interesting interviews with the mansion's owners and discover anecdotes about many renowned guests, from Goethe, to the author Fogazzaro, up to the ‘Queen Mother Elizabeth” and Federico Fellini, Nureyev, Gianni Agnelli, etc who have attended the Villa during the centuries.

The Immersive Room


The Immersive room is a little, atmospheric cinema located in the refurbished basement of the Little Palace of Villa Valmarana, in which we project stunning multimedia movies about the mansion and its history.

What about travelling through the centuries surrounded by magnificent frescoes painted by the Tiepolos, illustrious guests visiting the mansion like Giustino Valmarana and Antonio Fogazzaro, soldiers occupying the Villa during ancient wars or noble women dancing the waltz in the Iphigenia Room?

Inside our Immersive Room you will experience all of these things and many more: pictures, sounds, graphic animations, music from the XVIIIth century and historical photos of the Villa Valmarana.