Smartguide and Immersive room

Villa Valmarana ai Nani: the place where technology and culture meet each other

Immersive Room


What about travelling through the centuries surrounded by magnificent frescoes painted by the Tiepolos, illustrious guests visiting the mansion like Giustino Valmarana and Antonio Fogazzaro, soldiers occupying the Villa during ancient wars or noble women dancing the waltz in the Iphigenia Room?

Inside our Immersive Room you will experience all of these things and many more: pictures, sounds, graphic animations, music from the XVIIIth century and historical photos of the Villa Valmarana.

The Immersive Room is a little, atmospheric cinema located in the refurbished basement of the Little Palace of Villa Valmarana, in which we project stunning 360° multimedia movies about the mansion and its history.

Our Guests may choose among the following films:

1 - Da Tiepolo a Fogazzaro: la vita in Villa (From Tiepolo to Fogazzaro: living in the Villa)
Length: 6 min
Ticket price: €2.50

2 – La Villa e le guerre (The Villa and the wars)
Length: 6 min
Ticket price: €2.50

3 – Da Tiepolo ai giorni nostri: la magia è completa (From Tiepolo to the present: the enchantment is complete)
Length: 11 min
Ticket price: €4.00

Smart Guide

Our new Smart Guide is a 7” tablet set to be your hi-tech companion during the visit of Villa Valmarana ai Nani.

The device provides over 40 min of multimedia contents regarding the Villa, its history and its frescoes, including interesting interviews with the mansion's owners reporting anecdotes about many renowned guests, from Goethe to Fogazzaro.

Villa Valmarana Smart Guide is a project developed by Fabrica Ludens, with the contribution of Banca Popolare di Vicenza and Salvagnini.

Smart Guide

Description: 7” display tablet
Contents: multimedia elements about Villa Valmarana ai Nani (40 min)
Rental: €2.50
The Smart Guide may be rented at any time during your visit, from the opening of the villa until forty-five minutes before the closure.

Here is a preview of the contents of the Smart Guide.

Multimedia Pack

If you wish to both use our Smart Guide and try the Immersive Room experience, we are pleased to offer two very special deals!

Multimedia Pack - 1 Guest
Contents: 1 Smart Guide rental + 1 Immersive Room ticket for the 11 min movie
Price: €6.50 €5.00

Multimedia Pack - 2 Guests
Contents: 2 Smart Guides rentals + 2 Immersive Room tickets for the 11 min movie
Price: €10.50 €7.00